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Welcome to the Fishing-Geek’s Hobby Shop!

We are here to provide what is fun and mostly free on the Internet.  The Hobby Shop will show you alternatives to cut ties with your cable company and save money.


We offer Personal Computer Support!  Checkout our Support Services Page. 


We will offer products that will promote Health and Fitness.



This site will review technology and the latest tips and tricks.  See our sections on Linux, Windows and Mac OS.


Have an older computer that is slow?  Let us show you how to fix that.


Here you will find great tips on how to take advantage of all the things your current computer is capable of.


If you’re looking to upgrade, our professionals staff can provide one on one support without all the geek talk..



Most of all the Hobby Shop is about family and fishing so stay tuned and we will be sharing our outdoor fun as well.



Please let us know if you have any feedback on our content.


Enjoy all of the content on these pages!!

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